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I can’t cook kids won’t eat meat any one pot meal ideas poor kids eat frozen meals all week


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Stop buying frozen stuff for them. Once there is no frozen meals they will have to eat what you cook.
Be the adult and parent. Stop letting them be dictators and rule the roost.

 How are they being dictators and ruling the roost by eating what they are given, which is frozen meals? Not sure if you have had one of those frozen meals before but they are nasty, surely not a case of fussy kids if they are eating them.
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 Nasty, I eat lean cuisines often and they are delish.
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 I buy Annabelle karmel frozen meals for my kids and they’re tasty! Not sure which ones you’re referring to but maybe the cheap nasty adult ones..
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Maybe invest in some cooking classes.

 Or a vegetarian cook book!
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Mexican. Cut up tomato, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, etc. Grate some cheese. Heat up some Mexican flavoured beans (the Coles brand chilli beans are amazing for $1.40) and add to wraps (burritos) or corn chips (nachos).

A good vegetable soup with lentils (you can't go wrong with the cooking as you just boil it all up). I use onion, soaked lentils, Italian herbs, carrots, celery, potato as the base and add whatever else I have. Serve with grilled cheese toast. You can make heaps and freeze for when you can't be bothered.

 We had lentil and vegie soup with cheese and ham pizza for tea tonight and the kids thought it was the best 😂
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 Omg I can’t believe kids eat this stuff. I wouldn’t eat if 😵 let alone expect them to eat it lol sorry no offence I guess everyone has diff tastes
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 I wouldnt eat it either 😂😂
My mum thinks im fussy i just had to point out that for everything i dont like that she eats she doesnt like something i eat. Im not fussy we just like different types of food.
Though it is pretty astounding at how different our tastes are haha. Im actually less fussy in the big scheme of things.

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 Thats all pretty basic food my kids would eat it.
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 You’re lucky. My kids would starve them self for days before eating stuff they don’t like ie veg. Yes it’s all they ever ate as babies but now their tastebuds are changing they will go hungry rather than eat it
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 The first thing described is burrritos or nachos, what kid doesn't eat it? And my kids have always loved soup.
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 Mine? They eat burrito wraps with meat and mayo.. maybe the older one would have a little lettuce in there but hates cheese and tomato and avocado. Will try to eat them all but hates them. They both do. Same with nachos. Will eat nachos but with meat and nothing else.
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 Ive never liked soup and still dont haha
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 Really? It's so versatile theres a soup for everyone. Fussy.
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 Soup sipped through a fat straw makes it fun . Call tomato soup tomato sauce soup
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If your stuffing their faces with chicken nuggets because you’re too lazy to cook then you may as well be feeding them poop nuggets, I read that on a current affair

 There are good nuggets and bad nuggets. Generally your good brands like ingham and steggles use the white meat part of a chicken, cheaper brands chuck all sorts in and mince it all together. My mum used to work in a factory that makes them, she said never eat a nugget or chicken product that has a grey colour or mushy texture, only white with a kind of stringy texture like chicken breast has when you pull it apart.
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 I make my own chicken nuggets. Using chicken thigh meat. Maybe whoever wrote this comment needs to try making them themselves. Then they can be sure there's no poop in there 😂
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 My kids are vegan they don’t eat nuggets lol
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 Tofu nuggets 🙂
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Spaghetti bolognese is great. It can be made in bulk as it freezes well and you can pack it full of vegetables (like grated carrot, zuchini, mushrooms, onion, spinach etc).

Soups are also a winner with my kids and are easy, cheap and healthy. They also freeze really well and can be made in bulk. My kids usually eat their soup with a slice of bread or dinner roll...they really love to dip it into the soup. Our favourite soups are
-chicken and sweet corn
-pea and ham
-bacon, potato and leek

I find most kids don't like 'one pot' type casserole meals anyway. We usually give our kids a 'grazing plate' for tea which is a fancy way of saying some cold bits and bobs of whatever you have to hand. Suggestions: carrot/cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, boiled egg, apple slices, sliced meat, plain wholemeal pasta, tuna, toast soldiers, sultanas, pitta bread & dip, peas & corn, sweet potato mash, yoghurt, berries, baked beans, olives, steamed fish or chicken. Not all of those at once obviously but a combo or 3 or 4. We usually have at least some of those things on hand & I find it actually takes less time to throw a tasting plate together than to cook something up for them.

Someone gave me this advice about fussy eaters: Your job is to offer a variety of healthy foods and snacks at regular times. Let them choose what and how much they eat. Don't stop offering if they don't eat it first time.

 I started doing this with my three year old. Not every night but once or twice a week. In two months, she has gone from eating absolutely zero vegetables, to most of them! Utter miracle
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 I still like to eat this way as an adult haha
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Right, look up baked risotto recipes. It is literally just dumping most of the ingredients in a dish, and leaving it in the oven for an hour, then adding your cheese and butter and spinach or whatever. I recommend one with pumpkin in it.

Buddha bowls. You grab some falafel and chuck it in the microwave. Then chop up some other shit like avocado, baby spinach, beetroot, blueberries, and add it to a bowl then add your falafel, and voila! Chuck some hummus on the side for dipping.

Soup and fresh baguette. Just get the ready made stuff and heat and serve.

Cook up some pasta, drain it, then cook some mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, and fresh basil/thyme/herbys in the pan, add in the cooked pasta, and stir through tomato paste.

 Omg sounds so healthy but my kids wouldn’t touch this stuff 😕😔 damn.
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Frittata, goes a long way. Every one is different depending on the vege, herbs, spices you put in.