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What are your plans this weekend?


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SFA and thanking God for it. It's been a hectic week and I've had a liquid belly since last night. So, avoiding the heat, and staying near the facilities are a fantastic idea.

It's so frigging hot in Perth so staying indoors to keep cool

 Same in nsw
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Relaxing, spending time with the kids, take dog to park, maybe out for dinner, Sunday catch up with a friend for coffee.

I wanted to go to the river today and take the kids, dogs and kayaks for a swim but noooo. It had to be mid to high 30s all week then drop down to low 20s for the weekend 🙄. Stupid weather

Going on holidays!!!!

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Driving my home from surgery at concord hospital in Sydney to the gold coast

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Today- go for a walk along the river and go to the park, shopping and then going to a party tonight!
Sunday- go to the beach