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Christmas ideas for wives and girlfriends

Answered 5 months ago

it's coming up to Christmas again, which means men everywhere will be left scratching their balls wondering what to get their mrs for a present. Let me help you lads:
She's most likely mentioned a thousand little things to you over the year that she'd like. She will most likely mention a thousand more in the lead up from now, hoping you take the time to actually listen for a change.
Even if she doesn't, and you genuinely have no idea what (the apparent) love of your life actually LIKES (pull ya head out of your arse and pay attention dummy), go for a big romantic gift/gesture.
A bouquet of roses, a bear, a heartfelt card (yes YOU have to write in it - dig deep - or repeat something you said in your wedding speech/vows). Something to remind her that she's more than just the person who takes care of your kids and house. Tell her a time she looked really beautiful to you. Tell her specifically how you like something she does (for example: hey babe, I really like when you put your hair up like that, it looks real pretty). Just do SOMETHING.
We don't want generic bath stuff. We don't want a last minute convenience present. We want to feel loved and cherished ffs.
Sincerely, wives and girlfriends everywhere who always go that extra mile for your clueless asses, and are sick of being forgotten.

Please ladies, feel free to tack on to this.
Men, take note.

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5 months ago
Ha ha