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am I over reacting

Answered 6 months ago

I asked my hubby the other day if he had anything to tell me about on his phone.
(a message from a client he didn't tell me about so I could respond)
he started acting real shady so I left it.
I went through his phone and found sexual videos he had watched. he knows how I feel about them. anyway I asked him again last night about it and we blew up.
he isn't allowed to watch porn at all due to a porn addiction early in our relationship that he lied and hid and I suggested watching it together and nope he wouldn't even thou he probably still does just hides it better but didn't realise I can see what fb videos he watches... it's really pissed me off actually. I never feel good enough for him. I have gained weight since we started dating and I feel horrible about I don't know weather I'm over reacting or if I have a reason to be annoyed.

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6 months ago
I think you may be overreacting tbh

6 months ago
I would be livid too! He has lied to you, he said he wouldn't watch it! Plus you are his wife! If he is in the mood he should just ask and you can help him


6 months ago
Livid is a bit much, it's not like he cheated.