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Toilet cleaner

Answered 9 days ago

So we've just moved into a rental, I thought the toilet just needed a clean but I can't actually clean it. I've even put gloves on and gone in there. It looks like skid marks but it won't come off?? Feels rough. Anything I can do for this???

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9 days ago
If it doesn’t come clean, use the blue toilet thingys. Co,ours the water and Hides the stains from your guests.

17 days ago
Citric acid and boiling water. I boil my kettle with a tablespoon or 2 of citric acid (cleans the kettle as it boils) then pour the boiling water into the loo and let it sit. Might need to repeat it a few times

20 days ago
Empty the water, turn water off. Use heavy duty chemicals. It could be built up grime etc. I know a man whos toilet is the same 🤢 regular cleaning will help but sometimes men forget


19 days ago
Oh thankyou I will try this. I've been scrubbing every 2nd day in the hope it will come off. Looks so gross I hate letting guests use the toilet cos it looks like poo skids