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What would you do with $150million?


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I love my life. You hear so many stories about windfalls destroying your life and relationships. I feel really stressed just imagining it! I think I would pay off our house and the kids houses, then I would give my hubby half of what was left (because he has grandiose ideas that I don’t agree with) and I would distribute in my family until everyone was permanently comfortable (parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles), set up the kids with long term financial benefits, take an awesome holiday, and invest the rest (in case hubbies dreams don’t pan out) 😆

Disappear with my family 😊

 Sometimes that's what I want to do. With or without $150m
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 I want to do it every day.
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Sea change, a house & indulge in some hobbies see if I could make them businesses. Get my hair done, a new wardrobe full of clothes & shoes. Maybe some a little botox or fillers just take the edge out of some of the wrinkles i'm getting. Go out for dinner twice a week with my family. Lay on the beach. Set up a trust for my kids. Buy a house for my parents at least an hour away lol.

Give some money to my family pay off bills and Invest and a holiday. But then I would buy a small twin engine aircraft and start a business taking gps and other needed doctors to rural towns and also work with charities ( like qendo) to bring them to the small towns so they can have their information session out rurally.

Pay the bills first. Then, I would start a property portfolio and put it in a trust for my kids and family. They can live there rent free but they can never sell the place or lose it in a divorce.
Then, I would like to start a charity. Well, two charities actually. One to help bring better care for sick babies to rural areas. And one that randomly drops pre-loaded visa gift cards into people who live in sucky areas. I grew up in housing commission, and my parents were always too proud to ask for help. But whenever there was a bit of extra money, we got new (secondhand) clothes and (brand new!) shoes.

I won $50m

 In your dreams Hun. If you did I'm pretty sure you would be on this site a few hours after the draw. Better luck next time
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 What makes you think it was recent?
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 It doesn't matter. It's probably bullshit anyway
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I would do all the usual stuff many of you have mentioned and donate 50 million to single parents doing it tough.

150 million is a ridiculous amount. I would set up scholarship funds, donate to medical research (not using animals), set up animal sanctuaries, set up housing for the homeless where they can stay as long as they need/want to, update existing animal shelters and buy houses for all of my friends who are renting plus trust funds for my children.

 I don't think that money would cover all that
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 Nice dream, but you only have 150 million...
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 Who will Monitor the junkies alcoholics and mentally ill homelss people?
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Buy a house buy my mum a house and car set my daughter up

Right now buy a big yacht & f**k right off out of this place

 The only sane response here.
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I would invest some, don’t have much debt so thats fine. Get a new car as I drive a clunker. Help some friend out, some family etc. Then buy a farm and start up a no kill animal sanctuary where I will take in all the animals that need homes. And study to become a vet!

 Why do you want to work ?
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Hmmm pay off all our debt. Build a new house. Help out my siblings and mum. Donate to our local charity hospital (Cancer treatment) Go on a big trip through the States. Buy a car or two. Work a couple of days a week. Invest the rest

I would buy a house or something, preferably on a small acreage. Maybe a car. Set my kids up with good bank accounts for adult hood. Donate some to charities I like. Decide which of my family members deserve some. Have money for when I take my maternity leave so I don't have to rush back after the ppl is up 😂