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What to do for father’s day

So father’s day is approaching, and part of me wants to do jack all like he does for me for Mother’s day. No gift or special treatment so what should i do. What’s morally right in giving my children memories of sharing a special day with their dad, making him cards or buying him thoughtful gifts?


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Dont stress about it, f**k him, if he cant help the kids celebrate you then dont worry yourself celebrating him, he dosnt seem worth it. Also i cant remember any fathers day from childhood (we did celebrate it and my parents are still together)... i dont think your kids will care either way.

What ever you do, keep it simple, maybe just a nice meal together or something, we need to all work together to limit these money making bullshit holidays/occasions.

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 I totally agree. My husband didn't do a damn thing for my Mothers Day, no card, gift, flowers, brekkie, didn't even wish me 'Happy Mother's Day'. Our beautiful kids made me brekkie, they sneakily bought me a box of chocolates when out grocery shopping.
His comment "you're not my mother"
Well, he's set the bar now, he can get f**ked! I've bought bacon & eggs for Father's Day, that's it. Same deal with Christmas now, I won't buy 'my own gift' from 'him' anymore. I'll let the kids question "Dad, where's your present for Mum?"

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 He’s correct
You’re not his mum

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 Of course he's correct, I'm not his Mum. But he should help his kids celebrate Mothers Day, help them organise (shop & buy) brekkie, gifts, cards, flowers etc
And by his same standards, I should stop doing any organising & celebrating the day with his mum, the kids granny. He can do it all himself now.

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 The argument of your not my mum” pisses me off to no end.
What does it have to do with being your mum?
You’re the mother of HIS CHILDREN. The one that wipes their arses, listens to “mum, mum, mum” all day long prepares their meals along with HIS makes sure their lunches are packed and all their special shit they need for kindergarten or school isn’t forgotten, the one that remembers every god damn detail and then we get ‘you’re not my mum’?
Mate I wouldn’t have bought bacon and eggs for father’s day if you didn’t even get wished a happy mother’s day! Cook it for brekky on Friday and then offer a bowl of cereal on Sunday 🤣

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Rise Above. Help your kids show love to their dad. That's what it's about.

 Exactly, I see my role as demonstrating to my children how they should help their children treat their own wife/husband for their own future happiness. I don't want their wives on here in 20 years upset that their husband isn't equipped to manage Mother's Day. I put in the effort for my children.
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Nothing after my husbands behaviour tonight

 Did you smack him ?
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 Oooo do tell
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 *eats popcorn*
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You need to create a day your kids will love, but will just annoy him. Buy a cheap gift (and I mean something from the reject shop), and do something the kids will love. Maybe get him to take the kids out for day.

I'm working! But maybe the kids will remember to at least be nice to him on Sunday lol

I got the your not my mum too. I have planned a lovely day for father's day , my parents are coming over and I'm making a lovely lunch. The kids will see me making an effort, but my husband will be upset as it's his day and we are celebrating with my family.

Ignore it for once. See if f he cares. Put effort into your own Mother’s Day next year instead

I think ignore the memory argument, they won’t remember it if it is going through the motions, but he will if you miss it. We are kind of enabling this culture so I opted out of it a few years back, and things have been great since

Make it a fb, insta etc free day. Enjoy a day with your family, that you don’t photograph and share with the world. Choose privacy. Kids will remember that.