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Stress. I dont cope with it well at all. How can i deal with it better and not get ahead of myself?

I always go to worse case scenario. Im so tired coz ive barely slept - couldnt get to sleep then woke up really early and started stressing again. We have major water leak/damage issues with our 1 bathroom. Im so stressed about what the issue could be, the cost of repairs and what to do if the shower/bathroom is out of action for several weeks or more. The shower was redone 2 years before we bought the house. It was vacant for 6 months before we bought it so nothing showed up when the building inspector did a moisture test. This house has been a money pit and i wish we'd never bought it now but we would lose so much money if we sold it again. Not much of a question i guess, just need to vent a bit.


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After your response to someone who has been in a similar situation to you, you need some proper psychological help, some medication and an attitude readjustment.
Yes life is stressful. But f**k ppl have it worse than you. Least you can afford a house, have a roof over your head and get to have a shower. Go and complain to a homeless person and they will whip you back into shape quick smart. You cow!

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 So because she can afford a house that means she should never suffer from a mental illness?? There is obviously something deeper going on with her and this has just tipped her over the edge.
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 How she treats ppl is what I have a problem with. If she didn’t like the advice or response all she had to do was click the unhelpful tab.

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 Hmmmmm yeah, mental illness is no excuse for being rude.
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We had a leak in our bathroom that we didn't pick up until I fell through the wall of the adjoining bedroom. This was also how we found out we had termites as they are attracted to the water. Needed a new bathroom and bedroom and had to get a new kitchen as well as the termites had gone there as well. Thankfully that is as far as they got. Due to structural damage in the ceiling we couldn't live in the house while the ceiling in the affected rooms was fixed. All up it cost us around $60,000.

Long term, personally I find the only real solution to this sort of anxiety is meditation. Meditating a little bit each day is grounding and helps you keep yourself in check. A cd could really help you every night and possibly every morning too... it takes commitment!

I would suggest going on a mental health plan, you get 10 free sessions with all professional and they should be able to help you with ways to handle stress. Good luck. Can also try meditation.

We went thought this with our bathroom. The water leaked inside our walls so we had to completely gut our bathroom and rebuild from top to bottom. We also needed to replace section of adjoining wall in the hallway. The cost was massive. $20k. And we were without our bathroom for 2 months. We set up an outdoor shower. My husband bought it from the camping shop. And we had a hose running from the laundry taps connected to a shower head in our out door shower. We had hot showers every day. We cope. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But, was so glad to have a functioning bathroom again though!

OP OMFG! That has not helped my stress levels at all! Thanks for sharing....... not
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 Wouldnt. you rather some truth rather than some bull shit? This is the reality of bathrooms. And my own experience with it. They are expensive. Better be prepared than be in for a shock which I’m sure would be even more anxiety inducing,
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 I think that this is a helpful reply as it gives you an idea of what the worst case scenario might be and how they coped with it
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 It doesn't mean yours will be the same.
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 LMFAO! Ok since you don’t handle reality well here is another possible outcome for you: instead of leaking water, your bathroom could start suddenly leaking oil - black gold! Texas tea! A travelling oil baron just happens to pass your house and notice the oil gusher so he excitedly raced up to your door and offers you a billion dollars on the spot for you to move out and forget all about your troubles. Is that better? Or possibly something with fairies? Someone gave you their *actual* experience so you would have a better idea of what “worst case scenario” could actually look like
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Check your house insurance. We had the same problem, shower leaked, it rotted the wooden wall struts and the carpet in the neighbouring corridor.
Insurance didnt pay for the fix of the shower, but it did pay for all the repairs to the damage the water caused.
Pays to go through your insurance to see what you are covered for, and if not so you change your cover to be better prepared in future.

 We had water damage cover by insurance aswell. Definitely check your insurance
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We also have a leaky bathroom, well really its a leaky shower. We got the grout guy out to see if they could fix it, and they can. Our quote was for around $650 I think. They don't remove the walls or any of that. But ours isn't that bad yet. They regrout it or something. Maybe you could look into that.
We've been using our bathtub rather than use the shower until we can afford to get it done. My 6'2 husband even uses the bath (and he looks HILARIOUS surrounded by bubbles and the kids bath toys).
That's for our main bathroom. We just redid our ensuite (still not using it yet though as there's a few odd jobs to finish in it), completely gutted it. It cost less than $10K. The book price was about $8K but the cash price (we know and trust the builder) was only $5K.
Maybe you could look into getting a loan to renovate? Or into refinancing your mortgage and squiggling it around so you have the redraw enough to do some reno's. Then either sell it or live there with a fancy new bathroom.