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At what age do you think kids should eat by not being fed by someone else ?


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More importantly, at what age do you think an adult should be able to construct a proper sentence?

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Whatever works, but by school I'd think they have to able to feed themselves since their parents aren't with them. My 3 year old does a pretty good job, but still needs help cutting up stuff. Can use a fork and spoon fine. Occasionally he asks for help (to be fed), like getting the last bit out of the yoghurt container.

Geez I never fed my kids. Even at 6 months old just pop the plate in front of them and let them go. Took a while for my oldest to figure out utensils, but the rest of them just watched her and figured it out. Screw sitting down and feeding them.

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 I was going to say about 6-12months old too.
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 No not a troll, just someone who knows it's great for kids to learn how to do stuff themselves and doesn't do everything for them. My youngest turned 2 last month and already knows how to make herself and sandwich and everything. My 4 year old knows how to cook basic meals and does it herself (under supervision of course). It drives me mental when my stepdaughter comes over (who is 7) and is constantly asking me to get her a drink/pour her cereal/get a piece of fruit off the bench. Like nope, I don't jump up after my kids, what the he'll makes you think I'm going to do it for you? My partner actually commented not long ago about how great it is that she actually gets to do things independently while she's with us rather than having someone basically chew her food for her and just gets told "oh sit down mummy/nanny will do it for you"
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I fed my 7 year old tonight cause she was too tired and moody to eat.
Otherwise she would have starved herself.

I still cut their meats up for them, into strips and don’t care if they use fingers to eat, depending on what it is

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Introduce from young and encourage feeding independence but ultimately it doesn’t always go to plan and other factors also don’t help like fatigue and sickness and laziness haha

It really depends on the child, the type of food, the setting... let's say with neurotypical kids by 5 or 6, with no help besides possibly cutting up the food. Maybe 7 or 8 if they are in a restaurant that's distracting and/or need to keep their shirts clean