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biggest mistake

What's your biggest mistake?


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Not knowing my self worth when I was younger.

 I am in my 40s and I struggle with this now
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 Omg yes!!!!
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Marrying the first guy who asked

 Same with me. Ended up in an abusive marriage ...

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I was pressured into having unprotected sex, i got herpes.

Staying in a job I really didn't like for so long.

Not moving to Queensland 9 years ago. I shouldn’t have let my family guilt me into staying here with them.

 So sorry, this is actually terrible. Why do people do this? It's so selfish.
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 I have family like this too and it's actually very crippling.
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Trusting people

 Hugs. I am very trusting as well and somewhat naive. An empath of sorts id you will. And I am almost 40. I have been seriously hurt by this. But time to grow up now and be strong without becoming bitter and twisted.
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Moving in with an alcoholic. Disaster on every level.

marrying my first husband. I knew I was doing the wrong thing but I was so young and naive that I listened to everyone else.

Taking up smoking. Gave up some 12 years ago. But still a dumb thing to do.

 Good on you!! I have recently quit again lol it’s a hard path
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Also, not moving to northern nsw or Queensland. I probably wouldn't have stayed any longer then 6 months but I feel an experience I need to have. Now I've got 2 kids so its near impossible. Especially if it wasn't permanent

why don't you know your self worth. I don't regret anything, and I don't put up with crap, or sexist remarks from anyone.
Girls, take your power back, stop being doormats to people.

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 I don't know my self worth because as a child my mother would pass me around men to make herself "look cool" like I was a piece of meat or her mere possession, try and sleep with my boyfriends, and ignore me at all other times. My father would call me useless and worthless every other day and would belt me for making a slight sound. I didn't know my self worth because my first boyfriend would strangle me, rape me and mentally abuse me, and then sit and laugh at me crying. And I allowed it because that's what I had been taught I was on the earth for - everyone else's amusement.
So yeah, it took me a while to learn what I'm worth.
But please, do continue on your condescending lecture because that is definitely what is going to give insecure women confidence 👍

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