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So sick of the same stuff I cook. I have a family of 5 - 1kg of mince.
Give me some dinner inspo!


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Google and search beef mince literally more than 1000 recipes with beef mince

 Exactly what I did last night!
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Taco bake. Great for leftovers. Mince, taco seasoning, salsa and kidney beans. Serve with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and corn chips 😋

Chilli con carne, nachos, stuffed baked potatoes, chow mein, lasagna, cottage pie, taco bowls, stir fry, pasta bake, stuffed capsicum, tortilla pie, rissoles, potato gem casserole, koftas, meatloaf, tacos, spring rolls, sausage rolls

burgers porkypines Meatballs rissoles tacos spag shepherds pie

Curried mince with mixed veg and potato ( can serve with rice), pies, mince and pasta, spag bol, nachos, burritos / wraps.