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Have you ever had a full on online relationship?

The kind of relationship where either of you has travelled to meet the other. Did it work out?


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Yes. We talked for over a year before I travelled to meet him in person. Got engaged 9 months later, married about a year later and we've been married for 13 years now. It worked out for us. I was in the States and he was in Australia so not easy by any means! Lots of tears and just missing each other and a lot of money on phone cards. Would be a bit easier today but back then, a lot of money spent haha! But I'm glad we made it work. :)

 Congratulations to you both ❤️
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 Thank you. :) I'm fortunate we both really loved each other. Enough to withstand the distance. I hope you can find the same happiness. :)
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Yes, he lived in the U.S, me in AUS. We chatted online and spoke on the phone almost every day for 2 years. Once we were sure this was something he travelled here to meet me and spend some time together. All went well on that trip and i travelled over to visit him 2 times. Unfortunately i wanted more than that and neither of us was in a position to move countries at that point. It was also when the GFC hit and that caused a lot of stress on the relationship. I am married with two children now, and i’ve seen he now has a child also. Biggest regret of my life not pushing harder to be together, i was sure he was my soul mate. So, while online relationships can work, they need a lot of time/ effort/ sacrifice by both parties.

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