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Is it ok to breastfeed a baby under 9mths while having sex ?


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People love asking this just to stir up some controversy. I think it's been about four times now. YAWN trolls find a new question

 I think the reason it was brought up because there was articles online recently about a mum who breast feeds her kid while having sex. Not really a troll question.
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I don't guess it's technically wrong but why would you want to??

Yes, why not.

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 I was being sarcastic
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This is because that woman came out saying she did it. Would u bang ur man on the kitchen table while the kids are eating there. No

 I wouldn't bang my man on the kitchen table even if my kids weren't eating there. No need for special sauce on the table cloth where people eat 😷
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No yuck! I wont even have sex while my baby is sleeping in bed with me.

The woman who came out saying she did this, claims her baby was attached to her all the time....hence to sex while breast feeding

Um. How would that even work? Ew.

 Are you meaning like physically how it could work? I can answer it if it is that. Lay down, babe attatched and him going from behind. I don't know how anyone could get in the mental frame to do it or how it wouldn't disturb the baby sleeping.
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 I have to be pretty still to feed my baby. I was thinking the movement would be a problem.
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