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bed time sibling

Answered 11 months ago

Until what age do your kids have the same bedtime?
My 12yo and 8yo girls share a room and have a 8pm bedtime (lights out).
Now my 12yo girl complains that "it's way too childish" going to bed at the same time with younger sibling. Until what age is it reasonable to put children to bed at the same time? At what age would she stay up later?

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11 months ago
Hmm maybe chat with her with what she thinks she's childish and come to a compromise?


11 months ago
We've already chatted a lot about. Her arguments: "I'm much bigger, all my classmates can stay up much later as a 3th grader"
my arguments: "you need the sleep, you've always gone at the same time and you would disturb your sister's sleep"

8 months ago
12 year old in third grade?

11 months ago
Honestly if your 12yo is still listening to you and will go to sleep/bed at 8pm with her little sister just keep on doing what you're already doing.
Otherwise if you feel she is perhaps too old for an 8pm bedtime let her stay up with you until 8:30 or whenever?
Also kids are really good at saying everyone else does certain things (her friends staying up later)

11 months ago
Perhaps a small reading light for her? And an eye mask for the little one