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What types of things should I teach my child before she starts prep? Are there any teachers on here that can help pls?

Answered 11 days ago

My lo starts prep next year and as we are in Vic and she has missed lots of kinder this year due to Covid I’m just wondering what I can do to increase her confidence before she starts school. She is already pretty independent, can take off her own jumper/jacket and open close her lunch box etc. I’m wondering more specifically what I should try and teach her in terms of academic things. Can most children read, write, count, subtract etc before they start school? Does this help them to feel confident? Thanks for your help :)

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11 days ago
Not a teacher, but have one in prep & one who went through a couple of years ago.

DD's Kindy teacher said to me last year, by the end of the year if they knew the alphabet, count to 10, could look after their own bags & sit on the mat & be mindful of other kids she'd be happy. I think recognising & writing their name helps too. She missed a great chunk of Kindy (QLD) but did just fine.

Don't worry too much. They don't need to know how to read, definitely not subtract or add numbers. They learn so fast at school! DD is reading small books already.

If they are offering pre prep playgroups this year try to do at least one or if not walk past a few times on weekends. Knowing what the environment looks like & feeling excited about going was more beneficial than any academic study for my DC.


10 days ago
Thanks for taking the time to respond 😊