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Pregnant 6 months after cesarean.

Answered 2 years ago

Has anyone been pregnant again 6 months after a cesarean? How was your experience? Thank you

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2 years ago
I got pregnant 9 months after a c-section. I wanted to attempt a VBAC, so there were some strict rules around being monitored, how long I could labour, going overdue etc. But I think that was more relating to the VBAC, not the time in between pregnancies.
One OB said it is a preference to have 2 years between deliveries after a c-section, but it is what it is. No one else seemed too worried, but I think it may be different for each circumstances.
For example, the reason you had a c-section and what you plan to do this time.
In my situation it was "the baby's fault" I had a c-section, so I wasn't as at risk the second time.