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Engagement Announcement Kids

Answered 10 months ago

Looking for advice on a cute way and small gift to give to my finance kids we will be telling them on Boxing Day that we are engaged.

They have been asking questions for a while about when it will happen so want a cute way to break the news

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10 months ago
Fancy wrap a box (ribbons, bows, glitter, sparkly crap, whatever just make it look like the best box ever!) And inside you could have some photos of you all together. Maybe cut out some pictures of things you'd like to do in the future. Put them all in a photo album or something. And on the final page, have the word: family? In fancy calligraphy.
Then, once they see it, pull out your hand and show them the ring.
You can ask them then if you can join their family.
Or don't ask, I don't know the dynamics of your household. Either way, the grand finale should be you all conveniently posed and loved up for a family photo to mark the occasion.

Ooh or something with babushka dolls! Like, 6 dolls, all with photo faces (you and your fiance should be the biggest dolls), and in wedding clothes? I don't know. But babushka dolls (although I believe the PC term is "Russian nesting dolls" or just "nesting dolls") is jumping out as a fun inclusion.

Or a small token of their roles in your wedding (if they have roles), like a flowergirl necklace and a ring bearers pillow or something.

Congratulations on your engagement!