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Birthday messages

Do you reply to a birthday message?


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I don't have my birthday on Facebook. I don't like the prompted birthday wishes plus don't like a big fuss.
However, I will always respond with genuine thanks to individual messages or calls because they took the time to make them.

It depends what you mean by reply. I give each one a like. Sometimes I do a blanket ‘thanks everyone for the birthday messages’ post.

 When you send a text message to say happy birthday and you get no response.
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 Oh no I don’t do that. It’s rude and lazy not to at least send a quick ‘thanks’ when someone sends you a text or PM.
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I think it's rude not even to get a message back. That person had the decency to bloody remember your birthday, you can't even say thanks?
I bet the person reads it and just puts the phone down.
I think I won't bother anymore.

 But did they remember or were they prompted by Facebook??? I took my birthday off fb and that year no one sent me a happy birthday message.
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 I just remember no prompt
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I receive cards and text thank you for card
I do not accept texts or ph calls or emails or fb messages

 Same with Christmas
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