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Have any single mama's used a sperm doner to have more kids?

I'm a long- term single mum and an wanting another child before I get too old (I'm 33 with a 5.5 year old). I have a good career and lots of family support, but I don't have a man or any interest in another relationship. Would a sperm doner be the best option? How much does it cost? Do you ever get snarky comments about it?


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I’m sorry I have no advice but I really hope it all works out and wish you all the best!

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I think the commenter was pointing out a spelling mistake 😂

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 You had to google that. What a toss pot
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There is an article on ABC newsfeed that comes to your mobile, if you have the app, that discusses this very complex issue. It is "meet the second generation of children being born through sperm donations". Author is Rebecca Puddy. It came through at 9.30am, June 15, so its very recent.
It raises some issues that need to be thought through, and will give you links to other articles well worth reading.
There are implications for the children particularly, as they get older:
medical / genetic history,
understanding where they come from (heritage, other relatives), and the "feeling of belonging", or lack of it.
risk of getting involved with other people fathered by the same donor (some have fathered over 20 children).
The ABC has a Making Babies" series. there will be lots more stories on there that will give you insights into what you have to consider.

It is really good information. I thought of you when I read it this morning. I hope it helps.

I'm pretty sure every kid deserves the chance at having TWO parents.

Don't be selfish.

 My kids dad died when my kids were aged 8weeks,2,5,7
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 I am so sorry to hear this. How are you coping?
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 One great one is better than two shitty ones. As long as a child is loved and cared for, they will be just fine with one parent who loves them.
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 I'm not talking about unfortunate circumstances.
I'm referring to knowingly conceiving a child with no partner.

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I looked into it, and it was about $5000 a go. It was just too much.

 Probably cheaper in the long run than the financial impact of a selfish ex partner that either takes half your assets and pays no maintenance, is vengeful and violent, or is a toxic influence on the child.
There are some horror stories around, and a growing number of women trapped in violent relationships.
Even someone who makes you pregnant, not in a relationship with you, can demand to be involved in the childs life. And you can vet the sperm donors genetic heritage.

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 Not if you don't tell them about the baby.
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 Not telling someone is cruel
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 It really is, but sometimes people want something so badly, they can only focus on what they want. After years of disappointment and relationships not going anywhere surely you can understand why.
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Research it properly, don't rely on just any advice you get in a forum like this. It would not be very common, so you wont get a decent size pool of people who have been through it.

 Talk to an IVF clinic
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Go out and have a one night stand- you could get lucky 👍

Sperm Donors are now ‘advertising’ their services on Tinder, yep you read that right! My friend has just met a sperm donor in Perth who she met on Tinder! He has already fathered two babies, both with single parents..

 Ew, I mean have they even had checks and made sure they don’t have HIV or anything
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