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Do you give family advice even though you know f**k all about their life ?


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Love it how people marry into money and tell other people to get a higher paying job or work more hours
I am like you married into money

 My sister married into money and thinks she’s better than me because her and her husband own a business. His parents bought him that business. She thinks I’m a pleb because my husband is “just” a salesman. He’s a salesman who earns very good money, enough so that I only have to work school hours. She thinks I should get a better job so I can have money like her. I would never want her life.
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 My husband is a saleman too and I find the same thing. People underestimate how much he earns big time and have made fun of his job but he does earn good money even with out commissions and when you factor in the company car and fuel, it works out really well. Also a bonus is that as he is good at his job, his company tends to leave him alone so he has a lot of flexibility with his work hours.
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My cousin told me to lose weight for health reasons and I said have you looked in the mirror lately and he walked away

I have a motto "not my circus, not my monkeys." that I try and live by. If they ask for advice I will try and give my honest but tactful outlook on the situation or will listen if they want to talk but I don't want to get drawn into peoples drama and I don't like giving unsolicitated advice.