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What’s on the menu for Christmas Day?


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Stuffed vine leaves and stuffed cabbage leaves with assorted mini pizzas and a raw mince dish...far from traditional here haha

 Fellow Lebo mum here. Kibbi nayeh is the bomb 😂
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 I'm all for gay marriage ✌
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 Lebo food is the best haha! Never pass up an opportunity to eat and make lots of it
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Spoiled rotten kids with a side of inlaws and finished with a can of vodka or 10.

Traditional. My mum inisists, no matter if it’s me hosting or her, or how hot it is. It’s ok, a lot of people see cooking a roast turkey at a lot of work but it really isn’t.

My MIL is hosting this year, so it will be cold bbq chicken, mud cake, coleslaw and pasta salad all from Coles the day before when she knocks off work 😂. There will also be plenty of bourbon for the fil and some goon bag for her. If she is feeling fancy she will boil up some little boys too 🤢. My neices won’t eat anything, cos they’ll have filled up on the ten tons of chocolate she will feed them for breakfast because they have to stay at Gmas so she gets to see them open all their presents. and I will bring lunchboxes for my kids because they can’t eat any of the stuff on the menu apart from the bbq chicken. Then she will proceed to ask me if they can have a piece of mud cake for dessert even though I have explained a hundred times before that it will make them sick and ruin their day (what part of allergy do you not understand lady ?). Merry Christmas Everyone!

 Maybe you could offer to do some salads for her since she's obviously busy?
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So hot here that it has to be easy, ready, and eaten next to the pool. Will have the bbq going for sausages and onions and a table of cold chicken, prawns, ham, rolls, salads and cheeses. Fresh fruit salads and icypoles for dessert and eskies full of drinks.

Ham, chicken, turkey, potato bake, pasta salad, coleslaw, tossed salad, prawns, buns. Pavlova and homemade pudding with custard for dessert.

Whatever work provides uhhh

 Go hoe
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Food, drinks, a meltdown coz something didn’t cook on time, tantrums from spoilt brats who didn’t like their presents, boring conversations, uncomfortable chairs, and annoying flies.

Baked ham, roast chicken, prawns, oysters, lamb cutlets, salmon, potato salad, beetroot and feta salad, tomato and basil salad, spinach and pumpkin salad.

Plus there will be a cheese platter and for dessert we will have pav, cheesecake and creme brule.

 Silly question but what or how do you keep the shells of the prawns from smelling and rotting in your bin? Until I had my first Christmas here I never knew how opopular and delicious prawns were but with only weekly rubbish collections, they really smell in the bins and attracts all sorts of wildlife, which in it self was another big shock for me) thank you.
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 Place the shells in a bag and pop them in your freezer until bin day.
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 Wrap in newspaper
Pop in plastic bag
Pop in freezer
Put in bin night before

You aren’t bright

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Cold kfc chicken, too many prawns and oysters, salad and turkey and fermented grapes

 Are u doing a whole turkey?
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  hahaha fermented grapes!!!
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A traditional lunch as we are going to the in-laws. When I do Christmas lunch, I do cold plates of meat, and salads and cheese plates to pick at. Then cheesecake and Christmas treats for dessert. I really don't like spending the day cooking a hot lunch.

Eggs+hash browns+toast for breakfast, left over fried chicken for lunch, and burritos for dinner. Nothing fancy. It's just the 4 kids, hubby and I. So we don't have to do a big meal. The kids wouldn't eat the baked dinner anyway (little turds).

 Love it! I just read an article earlier on abc about changing Christmas traditions...with someone suggesting the same, good to see its in practice!
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A roast of some sort & baked potatoes for the ex pats from Britain, bbq & salads for the rest of us
Pavlova, cheese cake for desserts