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I'm wanting to get my FTB loan 3 weeks earlier if I pay off remainder 119 dollars owing, is it possible?

Answered 10 months ago

If I'm getting family tax benefit and I owe $119 on my advance at the moment which I pay $88 back every fortnight. Say if I pay back the $119 straight away now which is the only amount owing and then after that money clears in a few days can I go for my FTB advance or should I say will it let me online and will it be eligible seeing It's early? For my advance payment seeing It's only a little early but it does say under advance online that I'm eligible for the loan on the 12th of February but in saying that, that's when the last payment is made by me for the FTB advance I'm currently paying off so from what I've read is that once the money is cleared through Centrelink from my bank account for the remainder of the loan it should bring my eligibility date up to the day it's been paid so that I can apply wright then. In saying this I'm not 100% on this because all information is saying one thing and then on other sites it's saying another thing so I want to be positive because I'm spending money that will stuff my budget if I have to wait until the 12th of next month so some reliable information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

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10 months ago
Yes you can get it straight away, even the next day after you pay off the balance. But that’s only for FTB advances. Jobseeker or others you can only get once in 12 month regardless of wether they’re paid off or not.

10 months ago
For me it’s never allowed me to get the advance until the date I’m allowed to even with the balance paid off. You need to speak with someone at centrelink before you do pay any back would be my advice.


10 months ago
If I may ask are you on FTB, A AND B and have your advance go for 6 months because I have another advance through Jobseekers allowance which I have just paid of but that one is for $500 and I know that you can only get that once every 12 months no matter what.