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Has anyone get pregnant after having sex just before your period?

Answered 3 months ago

I let my husband come in me 11 days before my period and I am now 2 days late! I figured it wasn’t enough time for “ things” to happen but I am starting to think I was wrong. Has anyone else got pregnant literally right before your period ?
I have taken one test but it came back negative but my husband pointed out that I’d technically only be two weeks if I was pregnant so maybe that’s why it’s negative???? Please help..

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3 months ago
"literally right before" your period isn't 11 days before. You can absolutely be pregnant. Give it a few days, test again. If still negative and no period go to the docs for a blood test.

4 months ago
You can get pregnant before your period as you may have ovulated later than you thought. Even if you are always regular, you never know if you are going to have a month where you ovulate late. Ultimately if you don't want to get pregnant, use contraception at all times. Also if you have ovulated late, your period will be later than usual if you aren't pregnant, so give it another couple days and test again if it hasn't arrived.