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How old are you and can you still handle as much alcohol as you did when you were younger? How do you convince someone they can't handle the drink?

I am nearly 50 and there is no way I can drink as much as I used to. Neither can hubby but he stupidly thinks he can. It gives him really bad diarrhoea and the farts OMG they are vomit inducing. And yes he has shit his pants in public. Tells me it was a virus. Hahaha.
When we do go out I try to get him to drive so he can't drink as much and he has an excuse to say no to offers. He has no clue I do this. How can I get him to understand that he cannot drink like that anymore? His immature drinking is ruining our marriage.


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I'm 29 and have always been a two drink drunk 😂 it's fantastic for my wallet. The most I've had in one night was 2 wines, a jager bomb, and a shot. I don't drink these days (I've been pregnant or nursing basically since I was 20) but I think I could still handle two to four drinks. I had one cider yesterday and it was fantastic. Really loosened me up and made me extra playful 🙂

I am 25 and can still stand after bottle of Johnny walker

45 stopped a year ago and won’t go back.
It was fun, at the time so I don’t judge others for their choices but I’m really happy to be off it.
I did pressure my husband to cut back he only drinks one or two glasses of wine with dinner when we go out. He is overweight and prone to depression and this has helped him lose weight and deal with that.

I drink between 10-16 every night. I wish I was joking. Past 18 I'll be feeling green and possibly spew been the before/ after school morning drive. I hate myself every day but I can't seem to stop myself.

  ♥ maybe you could access some counselling.
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You say "your alcohol consumption is ruining our marriage"

No, on 30 and have had to give up alcohol, serious binge drinker here. I've been sober for a bit over six months and I don't miss the side effects

Alcohol tolerance depends on alot of things if you regularly drink or just do it once in a blue moon also your food consumption that day, that's a big player too.

I’m 40 and I feel spaced out after one vodka and lemonade. There’s no way I could handle a second one. Probably a good thing tho.

I’m 27 and there is no way I can drink as much as when I was 18. These days after 10-12 drinks I get drunk and anything over that I spew my guts up. Most of the time now I have a few drinks to loosen up, not get drunk, and have a bit of a different taste than just water.

I'm 32 and can still drink the same amount
as when I was 18 but now it takes me a day to get over a big night lol

I agree with previous poster about videoing it. Good luck - sounds like you might need it.