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Did you stop drinking alcohol when you were pregnant?


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No I didn't drink at all, but I'm not a drinker anyway.

No. I wasn't getting drunk, but I did still enjoy a glass with my dinner on the weekends. Only one though.

Didn't touch a drop. The guidelines are always changing..... sometimes they say don't touch it at all, sometimes they say the occasional small glass is fine. I decided to err on the side of caution and just not have any at all.

I haven't stopped drinking since I found out I was pregnant 17 years ago.

 shame u are fertile
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 😂😂😂 I have 20 kids and pregnant with the next 4 as we speak.
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 Im drinking as I read this!
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 My quadruplets have a bottle of whiskey in the womb as we speak. I'm drinking scotch.
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I stuck to the guidelines at the time. With my first, I think it was 4 standard drinks a week. I didn't have this many but made sure I didn't go over it. If I was going out, I would have 2 standard drink watered down heaps to last me the night. Each time I was pregnant the guidelines changed and when I had my 3rd I had no alcohol at all.

 the guideline is for not pregnant women
shame , u are fertile

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 ^honestly.... The guidelines for alcohol consumption in pregnancy have changed a lot so if her first is say, 10 it would have been no more than 4 standard drinks a week AT THAT TIME.
The guideline for non pregnant women is no more than 2 standard drinks a day with a couple of alcohol free days per week.
perhaps you should educate yourself before you comment.
For the record the guidelines are even different in different countries so she may have also had her first overseas.

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 My eldest is 9 and yes 1 standard drink 4 times a week was the guidelines.
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Yes I stopped completely. However I wouldn't judge somebody who had one or two drinks in a pregnancy as there isn't any evidence that really low amounts cause any damage.

Yep. I wasn't going to do drink whilst I was pregnant at all. So happy when I stopped breastfeeding and could drink again

 sounds like u have drinking problem
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I had a whole bottle of wine the week before I found out I was pregnant with my 1st. We weren't trying and had irregular periods so I had no idea I was pregnant. My GP told me 1 glass of wine a day was fine but I didn't drink at all after I found out I was pregnant.
By my 3rd child I loosened up a bit and had a couple of half drinks towards the end of my pregnancy.
But then the guidelines changed to no drinking at all so I didn't drink at all with my 4th pregnancy.

I had 1/3 of a glass of wine New Year's Eve at 7 months.