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Has anyone had any experience with calming blankets? What did you think?


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I bought one for my son - but got a 9kg that was too heavy for him. I now use it on my bed and I love it as I get restless legs and the blanket keeps them still - and it's cosy in Winter.

OP here. I bought one for my daughter who suffers terribly from anxiety. She's used it 2 nights now and each morning she has told me it's the best sleep in a long time. Anyone else considering these blankets? Its definitely at least worth a try 😍

I bought one for hubby, sleepless after midnight, worked, I tried his, loved it, bought one for me, it enfolds you! It’s heavy to pull up, but place in right spot for getting into bed and ove4 your shoulders. No skin contact now, both covered in our own blanket, minor issue at 70. Now bought DIL one, she i# Police shift work, has trouble adjusting to times. I got off eBay, dearest was $89 incl postage, cheapest $69,on weight, I got 7 kg. Brand is SELLO, but I just googled calming blankets looked for most economical. Some are $200+, very happy with ours. Has a mink side and a silk side. Cover washes.

I bought one. I didn't like it and it sits in my cupboard now.

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I have one for child with trauma attachment disruption and it's been really good! Was sceptical at first but they are beginning to use it to self settle.

I bought one from Neptune blankets when they had a sale. I think it's a good investment as I have slept better with it. It does get a little warm under it, but luckily it's cold where I am right now. Don't think it would be ideal in summer though. Make sure you buy one for your correct body weight if you do decide to get one.

I use mine to sit under on my lounge at night before bed to help wind down, I think it helps. I didn’t like it to sleep under though.