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8 Home Cleaning Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Answered 1 month ago

Did you actually write this yourself, Nicole?
I ask because I was quite enjoying the info but gradually noticed a number of small errors - the wrong preposition; a missing s on a verb; an awkward turn of phrase - which started to irritate me as they accumulated. It seemed to me (an English teacher) as if it was written by somebody with fairly good English, but NOT a native speaker. Whereas the blurb around your photo was written (I'd say) by a youngish native speaker. Perhaps they were just typos not mistakes; but regardless, the piece should have been checked and edited by somebody with a good eye.
The thing is, if the writer isn't who they say they are (maybe writing the content was farmed out to one of the cheaper online "mills"), it makes me less able to trust everything else on the page.
I hope you get this seen to.

All the best.

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"With cleaning uses spanning your entire home, Tea Tree Oil is the essential oil you won’t believe you lived without. Cleaning is an inescapable, tiring and…"

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1 month ago
Haha yeah I did write it actually - I wrote it probably 10 years ago - can you tell I'm not a perfect blog writer? It's been republished several times since and has probably had some additions/alterations made over the years by our content team for SEO purposes. I'm as Aussie as they come, and thanks for calling me young lol - I guess at 46 I am still??? I apologise if there's a few little errors in there - thanks for picking them up. I'll pop in and have a look because I haven't actually looked at that article in years! All the information was correct at the time I wrote it - I have qualifications in Aromatherapy so it's all from reputable sources.
We always state who the author is on our website and are not liars, and we don't "farm" our content out - we are pretty fussy with who we allow to write for us, so I hope you stick around.
Cheers, Nic.