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Love triangle and Feeling guilty for accidentally breaking a younger mans heart

Answered 5 months ago

I ghosted a very handsome and very kind younger man that I had been seeing for 2 years (although we had only gone out 5 or 6 times in that time as we live in different cities, hours apart). One night, after texting with him earlier in the day, he accidentally sent me a text that my anxious mind mistook as an indication that he was probably seeing someone else. I ghosted him and started seeing a less handsome but sweet older man. 2 years later I have found out that the text he had accidentally sent me, was actually meant to be sent to his locked-out roommate getting back from work late (not another woman), and that the younger man has been completely heartbroken and wants me back. I feel very guilty and don't know what to do. How do you handle being in a love triangle with two men?

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5 months ago
i'm not sure what to do

5 months ago
It’s been two years! Did he try and contact you in that time?


5 months ago
he has texted and tried to reach out every few months