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Creative way to make a very delayed birthday gift special?

Answered 1 year ago

Apologies in advance for the seriously first-world problem!

A few months ago, I bought tickets for my DS (turning 12) and I to go to Melbourne for a weekend to see the Harry Potter play. He is a huge HP fan and this is his birthday gift. Due to COVID, the tickets (which were for early Aug, just after his birthday) have been rescheduled for Feb. He's a great kid and will be fine about the LONG wait but I wanted some ideas on how to let him know what his gift is & make it special despite the long wait?

Before you suggest it, we only do very small Christmas gifts in our family so it wouldn't be appropriate (as I have other kids) to give him the tickets for Christmas instead.

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1 year ago
Make an envelope and letter to go with the tickets that look like the letter Harry gets. Maybe even attach to a toy owl πŸ™‚