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"Ethical non-monogamous" experiences?

Answered 15 days ago

"Asking for a friend"

How common is it for couples to have "ethical non-monogamous" experiences?

There have been lots of articles on news . com . au of late, and some friends and I started talking about it at lunch recently. Of the 5 of us, one had had a MFM threesome (planned), another had given two guys a blowjob at the same time at a party, and the other 3 had not had any experiences like that (beyond kissing a girl on a dare once at a dinner party).

How often does this stuff happen in real life?

Full disclosure - I get really turned on thinking about it, love the idea as a fantasy, just not sure how real it really is!!!

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15 days ago
Typically it's planned to happen because it needs some communication beforehand at some point. It does happen a lot more than you think.

27 days ago
Im curious too.

I'm very bored in my current sex life. "Vanilla" is the only flavor my partner enjoys...