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How long has it been since you had sex with your partner/husband

It's been 3 weeks for us. The big gaps play on my mind a bit.
We go months sometimes πŸ˜”


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About 4 years. But we are both happy - no cheating (yes, I am sure!!) He is on anti depressants, which have lowered his libido, and I have no sex drive whatsoever. We talk about it, beither of us minds. It works for us!!

About 3months. I'm pregnant though. He's not interested.

 We had sex once in 6 months when I was pregnant
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1 day. But it was quite a few weeks before that (I had a baby not long ago)

But when I'm not pregnant or postpartum it's probably around 2-3 times a week.

 Congratulations on your new baby :)
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Monnday. (Friday today) we had sex twice in one day. Twice in a day is a first for us in a very long time. I miss the days of lots of sex.

I'm kinda glad others are in the same boat. We have sex maybe once a fortnight. I use my toys way too often though (3-4 times a week).

7 months :( He's just not interested

 been a lot longer for me,she's just not interested so i help myself.
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 Do you actually know she's not interested? Have you tried making a move? I gave up because it was always me initiating. I just want to feel wanted!
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 Same situation here. I had an injury and was just not keen on sex. Now he never makes the moves and it seems anytime I do he's not keen.
I miss feeling being wanted tooπŸ˜”

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 everytime i make a move or feel interested or horny she says go and have a wank.
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 Aww it sucks! I got so horny one day I bought a vibrator best thing I ever did!
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 good on you, maybe we should get together !
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 Haha oh gosh I think about it all the time!
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 so do i. better than wanking myself !
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 Agreed I feel like such a goose sometimes but it does feel goodπŸ˜‰ How old are you? And where are u from? Maybe set up a fake email and we will chat that way.
I'm near Melbourne and in my early thirties.

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 i do keep fit in the gym.
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One time in Feb, maybe for my bday? Im pregnant though. It wont be for a long while now.

Saturday so 4 days ago but its been a stressful week :/ its normally more often

We can go months without having sex :/ We last had sex Saturday morning, then again that night, but before that was New Years Eve and before that his birthday in August (mine's in September !) In between we may have little touches to still show we love each other and are affectionate, like holding hands, cuddling, kissing (just basic stuff). It doesn't help that he goes to bed at 8.30pm and rises before me. When I have tried to be spontaneous during the day he usually shrugs it off and says something like not know I'm dirty. Having said all that we are also (well from my side) having a few issues, mainly parenting and our different styles towards it.... Is there an underlying issue for either of you two?

 Oh heaps of underlining issues - wee coming out of a rocky patch- we have a new born- I have a business - I have zero libido- he sleeps early cos he leaves at 430 in he morning. So many reasons lol
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Last week. He's been away for work, and he comes back tomorrow. I can't wait!

3weeks, wife always rejects me after our baby was born so I gave up trying and we never touch each other now

 I feel so sorry for you. I know a few women who have done that. I don't know how their husbands deal with it.
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I'm a married man,52 years old and it will be ten years this year, is this a record.

 been more for me,just have a wank now,looking for wank mate any takers.
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 Umm I think you are on the wrong forum.
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