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18 month old that co sleeps but still doesn’t sleep... wakes maybe 10x a night ! Help!!!! I’m not doing sleep school!

Throw ideas at me! Gently ......
I did sleep school 3diff ways with my son... it was brutal, they made him cry and cry and all he ever wanted was to be close with us. He co sleeps and ever since he did, has slept perfectly.
My 18 month old I co slept with thinking it would help and she thrashes around all night every night. I don’t want to get her out of the room with me, its not my Intent.. just need her to sleep !!


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She could have worms. I know my kids are really restless in their sleep when they have worms. With a few days of giving them worm tablets they are sleeping much better

OP Omg I never thought of this !!!!
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I could have written this 2 months ago!!
I heard about the Brauer baby and child sleep remedy and got it for my daughter and it's been great. It's a natural homeopathic formula that helps them sleep.
We've gone from her waking just about every hour or more to now only one or at most 2 wake ups a night. It's completely natural and has worked so well for us! Well worth a try!

She might find it easier to sleep on her own. Kids are so different, one might need to co-sleep (although personally I think its a recipe for disaster), and another might be quite OK on their own.
But you cant continue like that, you need your sleep. If she thrashes around and wakes, maybe that's just her pattern of sleeping.
Maybe try her sleeping separately and see how she goes.

 Agree, cosleeping may not be for her. Maybe try her on a mattress on the floor next to your bed?
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 Agree with this. One of my children coslept and loved it. Another could never settle in bed with us, solution was a toddler bed right next to ours, they would often climb onto our bed for a cuddle then take themselves back to bed to sleep. They just needed space!
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 Very interesting!!! She seems to do this, and safe to say her and I half the time share a single mattress on the floor,..... so she ends up rolling into the floor- probably just looking for her own space!!!!!! The poor girl.. I’m thinking now... queen bed may be appropriate as we’d both have enough space 🤔
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 Also, if I put her in the cot... she just wakes an hour or two later calling out mama... mama... and I put her in with me and go back to sleep
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Put her in her own room and follow super nanny. Be strict, be firm.

 Super nanny technique wouldn't work for an 18 month old. They are essentially still a baby
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OP I did it for my son and it literally tore my heart into pieces... now he’s a soft really sensitive boy and it gives me the guilts I know research supposedly shows it doesn’t do anything to them but I saw how bad it was and how long it went on for and it was god awful... each to their own though.
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I had 1 of my 5 children who woke every hour every night until about 18 months. We co slept to make breastfeeding easier. My son did sleep 2-3 hours in a stretch for his day sleep though so I’d have a catch up sleep some days. I met one other mother who’s baby was 3 wks older or younger? And her baby was doing the same. So I felt consoled and learnt to stop trying to fix the so called problem. But I do remember being so very tired some days. I’m actually glad I didn’t do controlled crying or any of those so called sleep training methods. We had cot next to our bed with cot side lowered at night time. People can be so assuming telling me how a bottle of formula or a full tummy would sort it out. I trusted my gut feeling that he was perfectly healthy; his weight and growth and milestones were all great, it was just that I was tired. So I was ok with just accepting that this is my life for a little bit longer and I just did what I could each day. I did try to get out somewhere though each day for my own socialisation, even if just the library or visit a friend. So all the best hun, now that baby of mine is 9 but I do remember.

 I like that you trusted your gut feeling.. I doubt my gut feeling and now so tired don’t even know if I have gut feels anymore 😝
I hear you though.. get sick of the make sure she has milk at night before bed it will help her sleep.
Yes similar story.. glad to hear it does get better and now it’s a memory. They do grow out of it... I guess I was just hoping by now she would have!
Thanks xxx

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Get tonsils checked, sometimes if they have big tonsils they can't breathe properly so don't sleep well.

 Interesting. Wonder who I would take her to though, everyone hears “she doesn’t sleep well” and that’s it... no one understands my life is going to shit because of t... in a week, she might have one night of only waking 3x in the night. Other nights she tosses and turns and cries out 10-50x where I literally lose count.. It’s not enough to run to the doctors though as what would they check for? The maternal child health nurse didn’t suggest anything either:(
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Ok I know it’s not super helpful but my first boy did that we coslept too and he outgrew it eventually like 2.5 years but not number two who is 17 months has started so I always thought it was the age but then my friends have no idea what I’m talking about they had regressions but for a couple weeks not months on end.

 Yes! I get sick of people that wake up once a night... every now and then and say they’ve had an awful night 🙈
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mine did this, it was adenoids / tonsils. Much improved once they came out.

OP Any signs or symptoms to look out for? She has some really average days where she’s so noticeably clingy.. and not herself family members can tell she’s off... has had a couple of ear infections and pulls at her ear.. has all teeth though..
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 heaps of ear infections was the main sign. Like HEAPS.
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 My son had his out but he has never had ear infections. He was a terrible snorer though so I took him to the doctor and when he was examined they said he had too many tonsils. He sleeps soooooo much better since they were removed. And no more snoring.
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Maybe she needs her own space. What about a toddler bed in your room

My Bub outgrew co sleeping and we bunked the two older ones together and she got her own room. It took two nights of crying but now she goes down like a charm. I also took her off formula and put her own cows milk which fills her up even more. Good luck with whatever you decide to do and there are some great advice from these other ladies.

Some people are restless sleepers. My husband and daughter both are. Move around a lot, roll back and forth, mumble things in their sleep, wake often & then go back to sleep. I'm a heavy sleeper so it doesn't bother me but if it bothers you I think the only option is putting her in her own room... sorry!

For my 13 month old, I have a cot mattress on the floor with a snuggle bed on it next to a double mattress for me-that way when he gets restless I can pop him over onto his own little space but I'm still close by. My daughter also ends up in bed with me most nights- hence the double mattress. I used to have a cot with the side closest to the bed removed, side carred to our bed and that worked well too- until he started crawling out! But I think once he's at the stage of being to climb up and down off the bed safely, we'll go back to that so we can get back up off the floor . I wish I had thought of the co-sleeper cot idea with my eldest- she was an awful thrasher too, but wouldn't sleep anywhere but with us!

OP Good concept !!
I have a single mattress on the floor that her and I share most of the time... thinking of getting a double bed so she has more room but is still close by.. she always wakes and wants to be close to me..

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