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How would you feel if your kids did half the things you did ?


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I am giving my kids the wisdom of my age which is you will have to experience life for itself but be careful because the decisions you make now will effect your future.

I was a goody too shoes and I regret it a bit. I was too anxious and insecure and wish that I had some more experiences so I hope my daughter feels that she can experiment a little bit and have a bit of fun. Obviously there are limits to that though

 I forgot to add though, there are things that I did that I would hate for any of kids to do, like accept lifts from strangers etc. Go away and not tell anyone who I was with or where I was going or even that I was going or walking late at night by myself. So young and naieve and trusting that noone would hurt me.
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I'd hate my daughter to take the same risks I did. I did some pretty heavy shit many years ago and had a great time but I think things are so different now. There are so many more people doing bad things. I guess time will tell and it may come to the point where I just gave to trust her and let her live her life.

I was/am a straight-one-eighty who rarely took any risks. My husband was a naughty teen! I’m hoping our 3 early-teens will be a happy mix of both.
Mind you, Im curious how my husband will deal with the kids drugs/drinking risks

They won't because they have/ will have a better upbringing.

I would've had to have done a very bad job at parenting for them to do half the shit I did. So I'd be pretty gutted, disappointed, heart broken and ashamed of myself.

 Yep me too. I lost my virginity at 13 because I was desperate to be 'loved'. I would put myself at risk every weekend through sex and alcohol.
Took me an abusive broken marriage to realise the life I had lived up to that point was sad, lonely and abusive because no one had taught me to love myself.
I am doing all I can to build that into my daughters

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 I hope you doing better now. Hugs.
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 I'm the OP of this answer and yep, that was exactly my life too. Things are amazing now and we have 3 amazingly behaved children. I actually have to see a psychologist to work me through the fact they are so good, ha!
It's getting more and more difficult as my eldest grows though and each year I can relate her age to a memory of me at that age and I realise how fu***d up it all was and the extent of trauma I went through and how abnormal it was. I'm proud of how well I'm doing as a parent dispite everything I went through, and I'm proud of how amazing they are, but it also makes me sad and regretful because I'm witnessing first hand the life I should have had, especially since my eldest is so similar to me in personality and nature. It's like my alternative life is being played out in front of my eyes.

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I would be so happy if they did half the household chores, gardening, driving around etc. And I am proud they do have 90% of the caring, doing for others, volunteering, I do for others.

 Meant taking drugs smoking drinking sex running away
Young pregnancy
Not churchy goody two shoes shit

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 I think she just wanted to brag
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 If you want specific answers, put some more effort into your questions 😒
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 The question didnt state that it was about bad things.
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