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Were you delighted or disappointed with your engagement ring?


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Mine is family ring and therefore nothing anyone bought could ever be more special to me 😍

 That's beautiful!!
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I wasn’t at the time....I choose something small as I didn’t care and was scared I’d lose something expensive.
Now I’d like something a bit flashier....

I loved mine!
It was tiny, but beautiful.
I did get a little embarrassed showing it off as it is so small, but soon realized I needed to stop being so shallow as I loved the ring and the man that gave it to me.

De-fu****g-lighted. Mine was kind enough to propose without a ring so I could pick it myself. Off to the antique jewelry store we went.

Surprised. Hadn't given it any thought at all and it was a big risk he took :) Happily married for 14 years now.

So delighted! 2 carat princess cut diamond. But in all honesty I would have been just as delighted with a plain band. I was just excited to be marrying him 😍😍

I didn’t get one, or a wedding ring. Am I the only one who would have run the other way at the idea of a ring? (I really mean no offense, I’m honestly curious if there are others like me)

 Ah what do you mean? You just don't like wearing things on your hands or the commitment?
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 To each their own 😊
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 No you are not the only one! I am here too! I have never wanted a ring and i really dont understand why others do either.....
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 Hello, so I’m not alone! 🙂 I’m married but we didn’t exchange rings, I just don’t like the concept of wearing a ring to say you’re married.. I’m not sure how else to explain and don’t mean offense. But to me it feels like some sort of ownership or show feature even though I know it is a symbol, it is just something I feel
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My now hubby and I went ring shopping together so we both got what we liked

I loved it. He designed it himself with a beautiful emerald in it, surrounded by little diamonds.