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10yo boy bad BO

Please help my little guy has very smelly arm pits. Showers daily and scrubs well (I watch to make sure) uses deodorant and smell still strong.
What can I do?
My 12yo didn't go through this so not quite sure!


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Have you tried some antibacterial soap? Also he may need some of the stronger deodorant like the roll on clinical sticks

 Thank you will try this!
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 Agree with antibacterial soap. You can get dettol body wash too.
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see doctor

 I second this. Certain fungal infections can make you stink. There are vitamin deficiencies, hormonal issues, and other health problems that can cause BO. Maybe he'll just need a prescription deodorant or special bodywash. Good luck!
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Change milk to organic milk. Both my girls had this problem switched to organic molk and haven't had a problem since

 I can't see how this would help.
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 I would consider cutting back on milk if he drinks a lot of it. My hubby used to drink heaps of milk and had bad bo. He stopped drinking so much and the bo inproved. Is it a kind of sour smell? Also could be something else in his diet
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Does he drink alot of water ? I know when I haven't been drinking enough water my bo is worse

I think its a bit weird to watch a 10 year old wash himself.

 I think your weird! When I said watch hom I didn't mean I had front row tickets. Basically coming in and out organising his towel, I observed how well he washes himself! Thanks for your input though
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 Better to check he has good hygiene than be a s**t mother who couldn't care less whether he showers or not and is going around smelly!
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 Botox only helps with sweat not odor. Odor is caused by bacteria on the skin not sweat. And hello he is 10. Hormones all over the shop.
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