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Any of your kids having mild fever cough & cold

My 3 and one and half year olds are suffering with mild fever which lasts for 2 days with cold and bad cough throughout the day for 3 days. Have your kids got the same? Any remedies?


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Sambucol for kids that you can get from the chemist is great for boosting the immune system

There isn't a whole lot you can do for colds except what has been mentioned before. I do suggest however, putting eukybear rub (spelling) on the bottom of their feet with a pair of socks. For some reason, and it might be perfect timing or wishful thinking, but this remedy done overnight works a treat. Doesn't completely get rid of the cold but lessens it. I suggest eukybear rub because it is not as strong as vicks and easier on sensitive skin. Also wipe a little on their chest/back. Or pin a cloth inside their clothes (where they cant get it and put in their mouths/eyes) and let them breathe it in.

Hand, foot, mouth disease is going around. Comes with mild fever and cold symptoms. Check palms of hands etc for spots/ blisters.

Vaporisers can be great for coughs. If you don't have one or the money to get one at the moment, or maybe you are unable to get out with sick kids, turn the hot water on in the shower and let the bathroom steam then sit in there for 10-20 mins with them, my doctor told me this trick. A little saline spray for their nose will help them to clear up and relieve their cough, as most likely the cough is due to a nasal drip running down their throat and causing irritation. Besides from that some rest, lots of fluids and lots of cuddles. If their fever is running high a little panadol and nurofen too.

Fever is one of the body's ways of fighting off illness. As he gets older and develops anibodoes and immunity, he will experience less fevers. Best things to do are to let him rest and give him plenty of fluids. He'll grow out of it.