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Are you pregnant?

My "friend" texts me 10 minutes after seeing a pic of me with another mutual friend on snapchat: "Are you pregnant? x". I immediately reply: "No, why? Still working on losing that baby weight, if that's why you're asking". She replies: "Oh no, I didn't mean it that at all, I just had a feeling". What a bitch, she knows I had my 3rd bub 5 months ago. Should I be pissed? I am fuming right now.


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I dunno, is she the type assume a little extra weight means baby? To be passive aggressive?. Or does she believe in a sixth sense, hunches, feelings etc etc.

OP She is a bit Aspergers.
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 Probably not malicious then. People on the spectrum don’t know about tact and often say exactly what they are thinking with no thought to how it might make someone else feel. So why are you so pissed off?
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Maybe she thought you had that 'glow' about you and wasn't judging your weight at all.