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I miss Australia. I miss 1980s Australia. Before we all got so blind sided.

We are all different for s reason.

What do YOU miss from the 1980s era of Australia?


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I think it’s easy to look back on the past and romanticise it. Forget all the bad parts and remember the good. The worlds is forever changing with technology, it’s inevitable.

But to answer your question, I really loved the music. And the very loud and out there fashion. Being back colour!

The 80’s were great if you were a kid, not so great if you were a woman.

But i kinda get your point, i dont know if id romanticise the 80’s but i miss the simplicity, technology has wrecked us, and where are the men these days?!

I don’t miss it. Equality for women was nonexistent and as a young girl turning into a woman I didn’t feel safe.

Omg I miss the 80' sooooooo much. The best part was the music.

 ^^I also miss how simple it was, just being a kid. It seemed so much easier then
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I was still only young in the 80s, but in the 90s I was a teenager and remember sitting at the payphone for hours calling friends or boyfriend for 40cents! It seems so weird to think that people could not get a hold of you so easily, yet I feel like I was safe most of the time. You didn't text people, you just showed up at their houses if they were in, if not too bad! I still had a phone with one of those curly cords at home, so I couldn't Walk around the place doing stuff while on The phone!
I just see my teenagers texting all the time and I can call them whenever to see what their are doing, and it's great but it's just so different to when I was younger and it's not even THAT long ago really

Well negative nancy you ruined this perfectly fun post. Lady you aren't the vegan woman taking her neighbours to court for having bbqs & letting their children play basketball are you?

I didn't know it at the time but I miss eighties education. When there was a huge focus on literacy in primary school, there wasn't any added programs or anything, it was just work. Education has dropped since then and I think it's because we have tried to cram too much into the day, primary school is like high school.

There seems to have been something deliciously toxic about men in the 80s. Like they played football and were macho and almost exclusively bogan.

 And that's.... good?
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 At times it can be enjoyable.
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 I don't think she enjoys much
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I miss being able to buy quality, made in australia things that lasted. This was killed by john howard with free trade agreements, although it would have happened anyway with globalisation. But now adays nothing you buy lasts and its so much plastic waste and wasted time spent replacing things.

Movies were better. Shitty special effects but they had more soul.

 It was so corny but so great 😍
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I wish I got to live in the 80s, but I think all the bad stuff was there, it just wasn't published like it is today.

 There was a lot of bad shit in the 80s you were just too young to realise.
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I don't think the 80's were much different for women in the 80's? I mean, I was only a kid but I'm pretty sure as far as rights and everything, that was mostly sorted by the 80's. The only group that were disadvantaged were probably working mothers of young children with the lack of care facilities but a lot of grandparents were available to babysit back then, and kids were expected to look after themselves by school age. I was left home alone with my 7 year old sister when I was 5 and Mum went back to work.

 I was a teenager for most of the 80s and entered the work force in the late 80s and things were very different. Especially for women. No such thing as sexual harassment laws. I saw my mum get openly groped in her workplace (high school) by a work colleague who was also my teacher and there was nothing she could do. I worked with a much older man when. I was 17 who asked me in front of a room of other workmates if I was a virgin. Someone else a few weeks later, asked me in the busy lunch room if I gave good head. Men just got away with that kind of shit.
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I want to party like it's 1989

 Its 1999
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 No you're actually just being a smart arse. The post is about the 1980s. I want to party like it's 1989. Expand your mind & stop jumping up & down on everyone else's posts.
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 I really wasn't jumping on your post, just correcting it. 1989 makes no sense since 1999 was meant to be the end of the world and the reason for the song.
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 Party like

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 Thank you some back up 👏.
If I say I want to party like it's 1989 I mean with 80's music & crazy 80's clothes. I know the Prince song fool but that isn't what I meant. Sit down trouble maker.

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 Gosh 🤣 I really wasn't trying to start trouble lady, calm down. You were obviously trying to reference the song, I was just getting the correct year in there since its an 80's song and this is an 80's thread.
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 I think you keep missing the point that I wasn't trying to reference that song. I like 1989 it was a fu****g good year. If i had said 1987 would you still be trying to correct a mistake I didn't make?
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 Assumptions are made & most assumptions are wrong
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 Yeah, fancy assuming that she meant the very famous eighties song, on a post about the eighties, it should have been pretty obvious that she was talking about her own personal experience of 1989 🤦‍♀️
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People were more easy going. Adult me & the 80's would have been a match made in heaven

 You think people were more easy going because you were a kid. Parents in the 80s think that people in the 60s were easy going. And so on. Its called rose tinted glasses.
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 You sound like a real sour puss. How was your life in the 80s, why are you so down on everyone?
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 ^totally agree. She's bitter about something in the 80s damaging her.
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The music, things being safer. Not having to lock everything up. People being nicer. Most things being affordable.