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Has this happened to you ? TMI sorry 😐

My period is strange
No blood on pad only smear yesterday
When I do a wee there’s lots of blood on loo paper
Day 3 now and the blood is pink


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Yes it happens to me. I figure because the blood is thick, and there isn’t much of it I only see it when I wipe and not on a pad or, if I’m not expecting it my underwear.

Are you going through menopause? It's not always for middle aged women. I have an aunt who went through it at 32 so it's always a possibility .😊

Quite often I seem to 'release' more blood when going to the toilet, so it seems like half my period just goes straight in the toilet rather than on a pad.

This happens to me but I don't really get a period any more so just spotting and when I wipe there's blood but not the rest of the time. Are you on a new form of birth control?