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How dare you steal my cousins phone with photos of her baby who died few days ago and want $1k to give ph back

How long do you think she should be in jail ?


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she didn't have the phone she only said she did

 That's just cruel and sad :(
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She didn't have the phone, no one knows who does but it's pretty heartless it hasn't been returned with all the media attention. Anyone with a heart who finds a phone would hand it to centre staff or police. Sadly some people only think about pocketing it or selling it for a few dollars. I do hope they get their phone and pictures back.

She should have been put straight into a detention centre and deported. How could she have got a visa to work in Australia, delivering Uber Eats anyway ? Its not like its a job like fruit picking which is critical to the agricultural economy.

 Different visas mean different things, you're thinking of backpackers that are only here for a year.
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Ridiculous that she was not given bail and is still incarcerated!!!
Not condoning what she did.
There are plenty of other criminals that get bail for far worse things regardless of if they are a flight risk!
Plus if she’s conning for $1k I doubt she can afford a plane ticket anyway.
If this silly girl is a flight risk either take her passport or hope she gets on a bloody plane and fu**s of elsewhere so tax payers don’t have to pay for court proceedings and space in prisons

 She would just not turn up to court and be another dodgy import. F**k the c**t.
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Heartless bit*h. I do think she should be punished, perhaps fined $1,000 or so for blackmail? However, i do think her being incarcerated is ridiculous, when we can’t even keep real threats off the street. Our justice system is once again fu*ked.

They caught the person that stole it? That's great! Probably a crack head they would sell their own kid so I'm not surprised they tried to sell this poor mum back her own phone, the world is going mad.

 She’s 24 and has 2 kids
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 She didn't take the phone. She tried to capatislise on theri grief and blackmail them for the phone which she didn't have
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 That's horrible who does that?
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