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Answered 2 months ago

So I’m really worried im in NSW. So just out of lockdown anyway my real estate booked a inspection but I had to cancel because of a Covid test so they responded with ok no problem we will do the house inspection on Tuesday (so 4 days later) if you are not home we will let our selfs in so anyways that Tuesday we still were not feeling well but we didn’t have Covid so we left the house for the day so they could come and do it a month pasted and I hadn’t heard from them so I assumed everything went find than I got a msg saying just a reminder of a house inspection tomorrow I double checked I didn’t screw up they didn’t come and didn’t tell me or even rebook so I emailed them saying no because I had been lead to believe they had done a inspection already and hadn’t contacted me since and sent the email evidence to them they than tried to blame me for why they didn’t come saying they waited on me to give results but by there email to me is didn’t say that it stated they were coming that date we went back into lockdown and I didn’t get a sorry for the miss understanding or anything else just that I was in the wrong basically! Than I got a email that went to spam folder in my email about a virtual inspection in August I have only found it today so I searched to see if they had made more contact about it and they haven’t! So now I’m worried they will just show up!! My house is old I have put in requests for my fence and my roof to be repaired my carpet is that old it’s splitting they haven’t done anything so the other day I emailed again to request the owner contact me directly as I’m happy to do the repairs and I don’t trust that the real estate even communicate with the owner or even tell him what’s wrong I have met the owner on a number of occasions as he travels down and does all repairs him self anyway but they emailed back within a minute and basically told me know and I had to tell them so I did than all of a sudden no more contact what would others do?

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2 months ago
I've had bad experiences so I don't trust them period. Always cover your ass in these situations because if they can screw you they will.

2 months ago
Tribunal time. Make notes keep a diary. Print everything. Ex PM here don't let them get away with it


2 months ago
So they are doing wrong? I get so nervous And honestly they scare me! I never know what to expect I never had a problem until I had a new property manager take over!