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Anxiety is really getting me down

I suffer from significant anxiety. One of the biggest triggers for me is loud noises and. crowded environment. When I go to work I mostly have a great day but when I get home my kids are well behaved but very loud and demanding, it all becomes so overwhelming. I have 4 kids and a husband. As per normal everyone wants attention when you get home that is not my problem. But it becomes so overwhealming I get chest pain and debilating brain fog How do I explain this to my children 9, 10, 6 , 14 ? Unfortunately my partner does not understand I makes no attempt too. I feel so terrible when I get home and it’s so upsetting to feel like you want to run away from your own home


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You need to take control of your household.
I can’t deal with loud noises either.
You need to tell your kids that between a certain period of time is quiet time and they need to go either play with something quietly or in there room.
Over dinner you can talk to them and ask about there day and then give them the attention and love they need from there mother.
Take control!

My son panics with loud noise and I find it hard to listen to also. I found anxiety medication helped me but I’m sorry I don’t know what to suggest. I just hope you can take some breaths and find a way to deal with it as best as you can. Goodluck

Get some of those earplugs they sell for autistic kids- they’re discreet and you’ll still hear what’s going on, just at a reduced level.

Im not a doctor, but i dont think this is anxiety, i feel the same way (i have 3 kids) this is just ‘life’ and it can totally suck most of the time, especially when you have kids (and life) to wrangle.

Get yourself some ear protection (im serious!) like what you wear when your mowing the lawn (not that ive done that b4! Lol) ..... i use these and its the best thing i ever did for my sanity! Seriously- give it a go- it will give you calm and you can still hear what’s going on, you just wont be terrorised by it!! ❤️

Good luck!

It may not just be because you have anxiety.
Four kids going at me all at once used to drive me crazy.
Mine were 9, 10, 6, and 16. Fortunately miss 16 was a girl, and she was happy to help mother miss 6, which made it easier.
You need to let them know the noise gets to you, that there are 4 of them and only one of you.
And you have only one set of ears and one brain.
If they all yell over top of each other you won’t be able to hear each of them.
So they need to take it in turns to download the days activities.
With 4 kids you need to use some of the crowd control tactics that teachers use, basically.

I suggest giving each of them 10 minutes, in reverse birth order, so youngest first. Reason for that is youngest have the biggest trouble with containing themselves, and applying self control.
Easiest to persuade the older ones to wait, and have them understand why it has to be one by one. Stick to the 10 minutes each, so no one feels neglected.

You just have to exert some control on the situation to make it manageable for yourself.
After the 10 minutes each, they have all been heard, and the rest of the group interaction should be more comfortably interactive. And a lower volume.

Oh my god! I thought it was only me who had panic attacks over too much loud talking!
My husband is not that great at understanding either, he just thinks I'm overreacting! I'm sorry this happens to you, I don't have much advice though xxx