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Nicest thing a friend has done for you?


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My bestie has helped me heaps but last year My mother passed away. She went out of her way to see how I was, helped with everything including making programs, slide shows, helped with food and took care of my kids while I was running around having to leave them all the time. She was absolutely amazing and ran all over the place with me. Could not have asked for a better friend and she did more than my family did.
I thanked her profusely every day but she kept saying I wouldn't do it if I didn't want to and that that's what friends were for
Eternally grateful more than she'll ever know, she made a hard time so Much easier

You are all so lucky to have best friends. I honestly wish that I could meet someone so genuine who cared for me the way these ppl care for you. Hold them tight x

Same as anon number 2. I met a man and we quickly became good friends, he knew I'd get along with his best mate so introduced us and we fell in love :) this man is now a best friend to us both, uncle to our child. He was best man at our wedding and every time I looked over hubbies shoulder at my wedding I could see this lovely friend crying, it is one of his best achievements and he proudly tells everyone the story of how he matched up "the perfect couple" :)

 So sweet
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Picked me up off the floor after a fourth miscarriage. Dried my tears. Brushed my hair. Put me to bed and held my hand for hours while I cried. I actually wanted her more than my husband or mum.

 Oh sweetheart. Sending you huge hugs
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He introduced me to my now husband. He knew the chances of us meeting of our own accord were slim to none, but he went out of his way to make sure we started texting each other then eventually we met, and the rest is history. Haha he always said I had a terrible taste in guys, so I guess he solved that problem. He was a groomsman at our wedding :-)

 That's so sweet!
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Let us stay with her family of 4 when we moved intestate. Rent free for 6weeks. Nothing will ever repay her kindness while we waited to move into our new home.