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Do you do it all in one go, spending a couple of hours on it in a row? Or do you space it out during the day, with downtime inbetween each chore?


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I have a cleaner come in weekly. Laundry, kitchen clean up, etc is done everyday by my husband.

  sounds totally awesome
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 Occasionally the cleaner leaves a meal on the stove too!
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I took a year off work to help my daughter look after my grandson my daughter is a single mum, I looked forward to being at home, I thought yes finally I can clean my house and do all the bits and pieces I never had time to do ... I can't believe I'm busier than when I was working full-time and running a household AND theres always house work it's never ending ... I cook and clean everyday but do it all quickly to get "me" time ... it's never ending girls, I've learnt not to beat myself up, do what you can do ... don't stress yourself over housework ... theres life to live .. enjoy yourself ...

I separate it over two days. So a couple of hours Saturday morning, and a couple of hours Sunday morning. And the afternoon is family time.

 Do you work during the week and prefer to do it on the weekend?
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 No, but I'm busy with other stuff with the kids during the week so the weekends suit me better
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 How lazy! You don't work? You should be cleaning your house everyday! No excuses!
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 Don't judge, you have no idea what her life is like. If cleaning on the weekend works for her then great. If not it's up to her to change it to fit her life not yours!
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 Shhhhhh shut up do gooder
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 Atleast she is cleaning her home. Go eat a tim tam
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 Lol to the stirrer
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 Wow. Such judgement from someone who doesn't know me and has never set foot in my house. If you had, you'd not be accusing me of being lazy. There are things I do every day that are part of my routine I don't constitute housework. I don't dust every day for example. I do that on the weekend. but every day I sweep my floors, clean the toilet, wipe the table, do dishes, wash clothes, make beds, pick up toys and so on. Nope, I don't work. But I am busy.
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 You don't dust every day? Total filth!
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 I know, right? So lazy. It should be my priority
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I work 4 days per week and I get a cleaner in fortnightly to clean the bathroom and toilet, vacuum and mop the floors. I do the rest on the weekend. Washing, ironing, groceries, changing beds ect. I was unable to do the cleaning while pregnant with number 2 so I got a cleaner in. I had 3 months off before retuning to work so it made sense to keep the cleaner. Makes life a little easier.

I try for living areas daily tidy vac wipe benches ect
bathrooms 3x a week
bedrooms weekly
washing washed dried folded put away daily

There is some stuff I do everyday, make the beds (or hassle the kids to make the beds lol), clean up after each meal (dishwasher and bench wipe down), general tidy up (toys, clothes in hamper etc). This is all spread out with lots of breaks and interruptions from the kids of course lol.
Then every 2nd or 3rd day I vacuum and do the laundry. 3 boys, cloth nappies and a tradie hubby means about 3-4 loads each time I do laundry. Usually interrupted by the kids, but try and get it done all together (sometimes put washing out at night once the kids are in bed).
Then once a week I spend a couple of hours doing the bathrooms and mopping. Usually on the weekend so hubby can keep the kids out of my hair as I hate being interrupted for this.

I do housework every day. I like to sweep and mop all the floors and clean the toilet and bathroom before I go out.
I usually do dishes straight away and often do my washing and hang it out over night in the warmer weather.
Im a single mum but my kids like to help, especially my youngest who is 1 1/2
She sees me cleaning and just loves to help

I do 15 minutes on each room each day, so only about 2 hours. It's not in one hit as I've got 2 little ones at home. I do a vacuum/mop after dinner while the kids play, kitchen is done multiple times throughout the day

Spaced out. It's amazing what I can get done in the hour before a visitor arrives or husband gets home from work. It really motivates me. Kitchen is cleaned constantly through the day but in arvo I sweep, vacuum, de clutter, straighten throws/cushions, wipe tables, put clothes away. I add toilets and bathroom wipe over to this if I'm expecting a visitor. Other jobs, like bathrooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, dusting, usually on the weekend.

Hi i hate house work best times im single parent with 20 who leaves his room in mess and i find it hard trying to keep up hear and it seam to take me for ever as i do it all and im 55. Can you give me any tips

 Tip #1: you are too old to be on this site. Go and find a site for the elderly
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 A 20yo who expects his mum to clean his room?! I hope he helps clean the rest of the house. Time to start acting like an adult and helping out.
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 55 elderly lmao grow up
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I bust my balls get it done chill out then go over it all again before my husband comes home and picks every little bit apart (but yet he wont lift a finger and i work full time 10+ hours a day sometimes)

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