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Please tips to get child to take medicine

My 4yr daughter has been given a antibiotic to take and has refused to take it have already try to mix in with a drink without success. Thanks


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When my kids would refuse medicine (they don't usually but sometimes they do) I have the medicine in one hand and an equal measure of Nutella in the other. They take the medicine and straight away they get the nutella. Judge away sanctimummys, but it worked for me ☺ I hope your little one is feeling better soon

 I have a problem with this!!! If I buy Nutella I always bloody eat it so none for the kids.
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 Lol 😀
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Bribery. I bought special chocolates - 1 per dose taken. The problem was keeping husband off the special chocolates :)

Give her some juice and put the antiobiotic in it without her seeing it. You could also get her to close her eyes, pit the dose st the back of her throat and squeeze and then give her a reward or tell her to put her big girl panties on and get on with it otherwise she won't get better which means more doctor visits and more medicine

Talk to your chemist. They can add flavour. My child picks hers out and that helps her.

My kids are the absolute worst!! I just keep putting some in their mouths (which they spit out) each time medicine is required. (So 2/3 times a day). After about day 3 they start taking it. So for the first few days they are getting no benefit from the antibiotics....
Also made them watch some lame YouTube video featuring a young British cartoon girl who learns to take her medicine.

For my 4yr old son it was the syringe the medicine comes in. He was more keen to try with a baby dropper that comes with the baby Panadol, a spoon or hidden in yummy strong tasting food or drink. We bribe too, he really hates medicine.

Use a syringe or spoon.
And bribe with chocolate 🍫 or a treat!

Wow my daughter LOVES antibiotic medicine and Nerofin I have to hide it from her when she is sick lol

She hates Panafon though and has to take it once ,
Sounds horrible but I held her head with my hand and chest(squeezing her in) used a syringe and blew in her face super hard as giving it(makes them gasp and swallow)
It's a horrible way to do it but when all else fails

There's a few things I do. For antibiotics I use a marshmallow. Prednisone is one of the most fowl tasting things I have ever had the displeasure of having to take or give to my children, that's when they get lemonade to wash it back with.

Tilt head slightly back. Pinch nose. Syringe medication liquid in side of mouth. Promptly blow (with your mouth) on face (a few strong blows) They have to swallow to breathe. I wish someone had told me this earlier with my lil kids. It works. Might take two adults, especially if you need to open their mouth by squeezing the sides.

 I kneel over my toddler, my knees hold his arms down, and force mouth open. I try to bribe first, but this is my last resort.
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