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It's not fair the it costs so much to be female. I'm expected to have my hair done, nails polished and be waxed... but it costs so much.

My boyfriend complains if I miss a few weeks... He does nothing!


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If he is complaiing you don’t get your nails done often enough or whatever, either get him to pay or find a new boyfriend. Personally, I’d be finding a new boyfriend. How often you wax, or get your nails done or get your roots retouched is none of his business.

Get a new boyfriend who respects you for you and not what you look like. This guy is a loser

Your boyfriend is a dick go & find someone less shallow

Then he's not the right guy for you... Are you in a relationship or a dictatorship?

Agree I split costs with hubby now if he likes long hair and skinny he has to pay for hair and gym

Mine loves me for me however I have personal pride so keep the hair roots touched up (myself every 2-3 months), have just started laser on my vage as I’m sick of looking at hairy shorts & have decided it’s time to shed a few kilo. Nothing to do with him, it’s from me for me. That’s who you should do it for.

 Laser was best decision i made. I got underarms, brazillian and snail trail done.
Doesn't work on blonde hairs though so every now and then i have to shave the blonde under arm hairs 😂😂😂

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Im going with the unpopular answer. When you first got with your boyfriend, did you wax, nail and hair? If he complains, by all means, give him a dose of reality. If he loves you, your hair and nails should be of little importance.

To be fair on the OP my husband likes me to do those things and suggests it but doesn’t get upset when I can’t fit it in. The only reason he encourages me though is because he knows it makes me feel good which in turn makes my confidence higher which makes me happier and therefore him happier too.

Is this legit?

 I'm guessing no. It's likely some idiot trying to shit-stir the feminist pot.
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 It's a meme on Facebook...
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Definitely need a new boyfriend. I don’t do any of those things.

Maybe you should take him to get his hair and nails done followed by a wax. Perhaps he needs a bit of perspective?

Why do women let themselves go after being comfortable in a rekationship!

 They love the men
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