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What to buy a 4 year old for Christmas???

What are the hot toys this year???


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Yes, I agree; pick up on what they like doing and get things that compliment that.

I used to hit the jackpot by noticing particular toys /sporting gear my son tended to play with at other people's houses that he didn't already have, made a note & asked him simple strategic questions while he was playing, like characters he liked the most in the set his friends had, or which colours he liked the best.

I didn't have a lot to spend on him when he was a young child, so sometimes the presents were cheaper versions (unless they were Star Wars toys/ Lego - I kept an eye on prices & when they were on sale, I'd layby them) but he seemed to enjoy them nevertheless.

Now he's a more discerning young man of 15, he gets a small gift that I have determined that he really wants (I'm lucky, he actually talks to me most of the time) & a Prepaid Visa gift card.

We make a day of it, have a shopping spree & a Hungry Jack's feast with one or two of his friends beforehand. (Teens are much more amiable after being fed & watered) ;-)

Stab in the dark... but kids seem to really love those bloody hatchimal toys? Boys and girls get a kick out of them.

OMG. I thought it was WANT not WHAT 😂 Pretty easy age to buy for, wouldn't worry much about the hot toys, just pick up on what they like doing and get things that compliment that. At least you know it will be played/used frequently not just for 5 minutes.