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Are you worried about the cyberattacks?

Answered 9 months ago

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9 months ago
No it's all slight of hand. Anyone can go & look the cyberattack sites & see what's happening in real time. There's nothing dramatic happening in Australia. Not since the announcement. He's misdirecting your attention something else is going on. He's a lier don't trust him.

9 months ago
The Chinese government are liars.

9 months ago
They both are

9 months ago
No we have a very good security system

9 months ago
Cyberwarfare, theft of critical military and technical intellectual property, and financial property (share portfolios, bank accounts, property titles), which are all being managed electronically, and
The creating of indebtedness, so that a countries critical infrastructure can be demanded and taken as a "payment" for inability to repay loans, will be how the next wars will be won.

Its good that Australia and other democratic countries have woken up just in time, before they discover that it is all over.

Imagine if all the control systems on power stations and distributed (solar and wind) power systems are taken out.
Everything in the country will be brought to a standstill.
No traffic lights working, no water and sewerage systems working, lifts full of trapped people, prison electronic doors all opened, no mobile phones or ipads or computers working.
And in a few years all the self driving vehicle systems crashing if hijacked.
It will be chaos.
Almost everything is now managed electronically, and what isn't soon will be.

The main players in Cyberwarfare chaos creation are China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea.
All of them are totalitarian states that have no humanitarian approach, or consideration of the worth of their own people, let alone other races in other nations they might destroy.
For some, like China, the objective would most likely be to then take over the country.

If Hitler had access to the Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Surveillance Systems, including facial recognition, all the people who fought against the Nazis, inside Germany and in the countries fighting against Germany, would not have stood a chance.
Germany would have won the war.
You cant sneak around unseen, and run The Resistance, (what the underground fighters were called), in that environment.

9 months ago
I am! I don't know if people realise but Cyberwarfare is actually as bad as traditional warfare. Basically cyber warfare seeks to disrupt a countries utilities, communications, welfare systems, banking and more. In a strategic focus it can literally cripple a country and drive them into economic and social ruin, and pave the way for another country to capitalise on the instability.

Cyberwarfare is very convert in its approach compared with a bloodshed first approach of traditional warfare but could end in the same outcome as instability within a country being followed up with traditional warfare by either side. It's also not easy to determine the source directly and prove. So governments are unsure as to who to call into account. They can make mistakes and cause breakdowns in relations and worse a war. This is why the governments thread carefully on this front and while we know countries do it like China, we aren't able to pinpoint their involvement. This leaves the actual cyberattack as unaccountable, and thus can be used by a third party to cause havoc with diplomatic relations.

Overall Cyberattacks at this scale are going to get more and more frequent, eventually the shield will break and the world will see how serious cyberwarfare is once the real life impacts start to set in. Looking forward warfare is getting sneaky, why send troops when you can do it cheaper, faster and more strategic from the safety of your country and without treat of your life. Put away the guns for now and pull out your keyboards we are going in!