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Overwhelmed - having to do everything

Answered 9 months ago

I was a single mum for a few years and have been with my current partner for over 2 years - My children are 6 and 7 - I work 7 days a fortnight (tueday to Friday week 1 and wednesday to Friday the following) and I really struggle and feel like I am going to fall to pieces
My ex has the kids 4 nights a fortnight and on those nights I just want to crawl in a bawl and do nothing because I am so exhausted (Friday sat sun week 1 and thursday week 2)
I feel like I do everything - I organise dinners and the meals for the week
I do all the cleaning
I do all school drop offs and pick ups
I do all the extra curricular activity stuff
I buy all the uniforms
I pay for everything except electricity and internet
And I dont know what to do
I honestly think I would be better off by myself sometimes with one less person to look after
Any advice would be very appreciated
My kids do Karate and dancing (tuesday and Wednesday) and I do reading at the school one day a week and canteen once a month and I feel like I run on zero

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9 months ago
drop the canteen and reading, what an earth? Stop trying to be everything, greta never said you can have it all

9 months ago
You need to talk to your partner. Is the load shared evenly? If not why not?

Also, consider dropping the canteen and reading at the school. And take that time for yourself.

You are not a robot. No one is going to thank you for all you do. And you’re doing anyone any favours by running yourself into the ground, especially yourself. Speak up. Or nothing will change.

9 months ago
Read your own story & see what you need to change, then do it!