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I know this is a "reality" TV show and I'm like 90% sure at least some of these ppl are paid and that it's manipulated for our entertainment. But seriously, Ines is being portrayed like this massive psycho bitch. I just want to give Bronson a hug and have a quiet chilled out chat. That poor man! How can they actually be OK with the way this relationship is playing out - it's so toxic!


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I have been watching MKR, my brain can only handle this reality crap one at a time

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 Mkr isn't much better. It's all about bitching, not cooking
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It's not real, they just aren't paid that's all. All the reality shows are the same. It's all scripted.
A woman who claims she is dating Married At First Sight star Sam Ball has been identified as the high profile abductee at the centre of a defamation case brought by her own parents.
Akila Ahmunett, who was then known as Nadia Tabbaa, according to Woman’s Day, was at the centre of a 60 Minutes defamation case in 2017 after she featured in a story on the current affairs program titled ‘Forced Marriage’, which was broadcasted in 2014.

The Sydney woman, 30, told veteran reporter Liz Hayes her parents, Mouhammad and Pamela Tabbaa, allowed her to be kidnapped while on holiday in Egypt in 2002 when she was 13-years-old.

Why u want to put a news here?

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